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About us

About Us

DR.MITTAL’S CARE is dedicated quality & clinical research based Ayurvedic Herbo-Mineral Natural Medicine & Health development branch of “DR.MITTAL’S PROCTO-GASTROLOGY & KSHAR SURA CENTER(clinical research based treatment center)” & “ALFAVEDA (retail store of Ayurvedic herbal natural medicine & health care products)” managed & directed by DR.SIDDHARTH MITTAL who is specialist in performing Ayurvedic KSHAR KARMA and KSHAR SUTRA (Surgical Ayurvedic Procedure & Therapies) & working on time tested ancient concept of Modern Ayurveda in field of PROCTOLOGY, GASTROENTEROLOGY, WOUND HEALING & MANAGEMENT, DERMATOLOGY, JOINT & ORTHOPEDIC with Kshar Karma, Kshar Sutra, Leech Therapy, Bloodletting, Pancha Karma And Other Ayurvedic Therapies. DR.MITTAL has devoted his broad experience of clinical research based medicines to improve & evolve these formulations specially in the field of “proctology , gastroenterology, wound healing & management, dermatology, immunity development with Kshar karma, Kshar sutra, leech therapy, bloodletting, pancha karma etc” with Ayurvedic ancient texts & modern pharmacopeias, he has attended several CME programs, seminars and conferences and trained from various renowned PG institutions “National Resource Center For Kshar Sutra I.M.S. B.H.U. Varanasi, P.G.I. National Institute Of Ayurveda Jaipur, K.G.M.U. Lucknow, S.M.C. Haridwar, National Institute Of Health Sciences & Research New Delhi” etc to improve his knowledge in Ayurveda with his research coworker e.g. Dr.S.C.Gupta(Senior Ayurvedic Physician, Procto-Gastrologist & Father of Dr.Mittal) Dr.Manish Yadav (Ayurvedic Ortho-Neurophysician), Dr.Awanish Diwedi(Ayurvedic Dermatologist), Dr.Kamini Kuri(Ayurvedic Gynecologist), Dr.Rekha Singh (Ayurvedic Physician), Dr.Vinay Shukla(Allopathic Physician And Anesthetics), Dr.Ramya Mishra (Allopathic Female Infertility & IVF Expert), Bhole Ram College Of Pharmacy and several other institutes.